Metsi.Life is providing the best and most accurate Covid-19 testing solutions available.

Metsi has decades of experience in sourcing complex goods from around the world. Our Finnish-Korean organization offers a Comprehensive Solution for Covid-19 testing aimed at public and private health organizations. It includes best available testing solutions, modular testing facilities and protective systems. Our direct onsite contacts with manufacturers ensure fast deliveries, good quality products and ability for customers to contact the producers directly via METSI.LIFE

In addition to this our onsite team in China ensures personal protective equipment sourcing in quality and in time for our clients. The Finnish and Estonian teams of Metsi have a long experience of modular construction projects in critical situations. With this expertise we can offer movable testing units for our clients to use in any kind of area.

When rapid and professional sourcing services are needed METSI.LIFE will do everything possible to secure the safety and well being of our client’s patients and personnel.

Securing the irreplaceable

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