World is suffering the global pandemic caused by COVID-19; 

Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives, millions of people are infected, hundreds of millions of people are quarantined at their homes, countries closed their borders… impact of global pandemic on the modern world is enormous.

People and, above all, healthcare workers and other frontliners must be protected by proper Personal Protective Equipment. Governments apply different strategies to control the disease, like the hybrid strategy in which restrictive measures can be phased out while moving to more extensive testing, tracing, isolation and treatment.

The Challenge is that many governments are in lack of certified, field tested and reliable COVID-19 testing kits and Personal Protective Equipment.

Metsi.Life offers reliable, certified, tested and COVID-19 field proven solutions and products.

We work only and directly with specially selected manufacturers. Our partner manufacturers are in the health business for decades and have vast amounts of global experience and good track record fighting with pandemic disease such as MERS, SARS, bird flu, etc. Our expert teams in South Korea, China, Finland, Sweden and Estonia handle every step of our operation closely and wisely to ensure safe and accurate procurement for our clients around the globe. 

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